Dyson Introduces New Vacuum Cleaner With A Laser On It So You Can See Where The Dust Is


The latest vacuum cleaner from Dyson is the V15 Detect and retails for $699!  It has a laser detection system that illuminates on your floor so you can see where the dust is for a better clean.


Based on the pictures released by Dyson of the new vacuum, you can now be officially horrified to see how dirty your floors are. 

Unlike most vacuums with lights on the cleaning head — which help you see where you’re vacuuming — the new lasers are designed to help you see what you’re vacuuming.



This new vacuum also comes with a built-in microprocessor that monitors the air intake of the vacuum. This means that the vacuum knows when to increase power to suck up more dirt and dust. 


The new V15 Detect is available on the Dyson website!