Elon Musk Is Willing To Donate $6 Billion To Help End World Hunger, But Only If This Happens!

How amazing would this be if everyone got on board!

Elon Musk and many other very rich stars were called upon to donate $6 billion of their earnings in an effort to end world hunger.


The United Nations’ World Food Programme director, David Beasley, asked the world’s billionaires to make a one-time donation of $6 billion each. According to Beasley, that would “help 42 million people that are literally going to die if we don’t reach them.”


Elon made a statement saying that he’s more than willing to donate that amount, but only if they could prove that the majority of that donation would actually go to ending world hunger.


Beasley clarified Elon’s comments say that $6 billion would not solve world hunger, but it would prevent 42 million people from starving to death due to the Covid/conflict/climate crises.