Eugenie Bouchard Follows Through On SuperBowl Bet

Hey...A Bet's A Bet

Let it never be said that Eugenie Bouchard is a person who goes back on her word.

During the SuperBowl, Bouchard tweeted that she “knew Atlanta would win” when they were holding a big lead over the Patriots. A fan replied to her aksing her to make a bet, that if the Pats came back and won she’d go on a date with him. She replied “sure”. Well…we all know how that turned out.

It would have been easy for Bouchard to laugh it off as a joke and never speak of the bet again – but to her credit, she did none of those things. In fact, on Wednesday, Eugenie  followed through on the bet!

Bouchard paid for 20-year old John Goerke’s flight to NYC and his hotel room. Then, they took in the Brooklyn Nets game…from center court, no less.

They even capped off the evening with a smooch.

According to TMZ, there may even be a 2nd date in the works. Twitter love connection?