The Pringles aren't great for you!

It’s been a long time for most of us, so just in case you forgot, here’s a list of four things you definitely should NOT eat or drink right before hopping on a plane.



1.  Salty foods.  It’s common for people to get dehydrated on planes, thanks to the dry air in the cabin.  And a meal or snack that’s high in sodium can make it worse.




2.  Carbonated beverages.  The changes in cabin pressure can cause you to feel bloated or gassy, and carbonated beverages can expand inside your GI tract making the feeling even more unpleasant. There IS an exception to this rule, though, if you’re feeling nauseous because of motion sickness or turbulence, carbonated drinks can help.



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3.  Alcohol.  Drinking alcohol on a plane has a different effect on the body than at ground level.  In the air, you’re more likely to get drunk faster and have to pee more frequently, which can be annoying on a long flight.




4.  Coffee.  Coffee can make you dehydrated in an already dry environment, and the diuretic effect can lead to more trips to the bathroom.  It can also impact your ability to sleep on the plane.




Overall, the best things to eat and drink before flying are water, fruits, and lean protein.