The Things We Miss Most About Traveling!

What do you miss about vacations?

Fully vaccinated Canadians will find it easier to travel back home from non-essential travel as of today as the government relaxes some restrictions.


And oh boy, have we missed our travel time!


According to a list, these are the things we miss the most about traveling!


1.            Warm evenings

2.            Seeing amazing views

3.            Having something to look forward to

4.            Having time to properly relax

5.            Trying new food

6.            Seeing the sights of a new city

7.            The guaranteed sun

8.            Authentic food

9.            Having some me-time

10.          Eating what I want when I want



Other things we miss include, the wave of heat when you first get off the plane, sunbathing by a pool, meeting people from different countries, and getting dressed for the evening!