Gamer Breaks Neck While Wearing Virtual Reality Headset

Who knew gaming was so dangerous!

Hospitals saw a big increase in injuries from virtual reality games just after Christmas.  But this injury may be the worst one so far.



A German gamer has broken his neck while wearing a virtual reality headset after he moved too “intensely.”




Doctors say the 31-year-old’s “repetitive” movements led to the neck being damaged — before a piece of the bone finally “cracked.”

The man went to the hospital after experiencing piercing pain in his shoulders.



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X-ray scans later revealed the man had fractured his C7 neck vertebra — which sits near the base of the neck above the shoulders.



The man needed to wear a type of neck brace for six weeks to support his neck while it healed and he made a full recovery after 12 weeks.



The headsets are becoming increasingly popular equipment among gamers, with millions of them sold in both the UK and US in recent years.