Good Habits That Actually Make You Feel Worse!

Do your good habits make you feel bad?

Having good intentions doesn’t always translate to positive results! did a poll about the things we do that should be good for us, but sometimes makes us feel bad!  Here are some of the “good” things we do for ourselves that can have unintended side effects . . .



1.  34% of people who’ve meditated or done a calming exercise said it’s made them feel more anxious before.



2.  1 in 3 people who’ve gone to bed early to get a good night’s sleep woke up feeling even more exhausted.



3.  2 in 5 people have felt sick to their stomach after eating something healthy.



4.  40% have used a cleaning product, and the fumes made them sick.



5.  36% have felt nauseous from the smell of an aromatherapy candle.



6.  10% have opened a window to get some air, and the extra pollen just made them more congested.



7.  And the top five chores that can make us feel worse are:  Running errands . . . cleaning . . . cooking . . . walking the dog . . . and taking out the trash.