Having a Bad Day? Look at These Puppies

Because who doesn't love dogs

Puppies can make even the worst days at least 67% better.

1. These Golden’s who just want to hug

2. This pup who got a little crazy at Mardi Gras

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3.  This little guy who’s pondering the thought of who really is a “good boy”. It’s you buddy… All you

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4. This Samoyed who’s enjoying his day at the beach

5. This German Shepherd who hasn’t totally grown into her ears yet

6. This guy who’s totally twinning with his little buddy

7. This little weenie who is comfort level 1793032

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8. This Alaskan Malamute who is winking at all the ladies

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9. This Husky who wants your snacks

10. This fella who is SO excited to see you

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