KOOL TRAVEL: Relive Your Favourite “Home Alone” Memory, In REAL LIFE!

Booby traps, 90's junk food, and a screening of the film are all included!

If you loved the classic flick “Home Alone” and always wanted to be in it… GOOD NEWS!

You now can relive your favourite memory from the movie!

AirBnb and Disney+ have partnered up to rent out the McCallister home from the 90’s flick.

"Home Alone" home

The house will be available to rent for 25 bucks for ONE night only on December 12th. It’s all to celebrate the release of “Home Sweet Home Alone”!

Photos of the McCalister’s will hang on the wall along side these awesome included perks:

  • a trimmed tree
  • booby traps that you can set yourself
  • aftershave and a mirror to scream into
  • 1990s junk food, including Chicago pizza and a “candlelit dinner” of microwave Kraft mac and cheese
  • a meet-and-greet with a real tarantula
  • a screening of “Home Sweet Home Alone”
  • a Lego Ideas “Home Alone” kit to take home

"Home Alone" home

AirBnb will be donating to Chicago’s La Rabida Children’s Hospital.

Would you book?