Huge Aquarium In Centre of Berlin Bursts And Floods Hotel Lobby!


A huge fish tank containing thousands of tropical fish exploded inside a hotel causing a wave of destruction in Berlin.

Visitors said they heard a loud bang and initially feared a bomb had exploded, as glass and other debris was sent across the lobby.

Photos show huge panes of broken glass showered over the hotel lobby as it is believed around a million litres of water poured out of the 82-foot tall glass tank in central Berlin just before 6 am today.

The complex includes a Radisson Blu hotel, a museum, shops and restaurants as well as the world’s largest freestanding cylindrical aquarium. Around 1,500 tropical fish are said to have been killed.

Berlin Police said on Twitter: ‘In addition to the unbelievable maritime damage… two people were injured by glass splinters.’

It is believed that freezing temperatures had led to the leak, but police have said the cause of the incident was still being investigated.

Around 350 guests who had been staying at the hotel were asked to pack their belongings and leave the building.

Buses were sent to the complex to provide shelter for people leaving the hotel as temperatures in Berlin were around -7 degrees, police said.

The aquarium, which was last modernized in 2020, is a major tourist attraction in Berlin. The 10-minute elevator ride through the tank was one of the highlights of the attraction.