Iggy’s still got a “lust for life,” but needs a second job to afford it!

Not every band can ‘give it away’ like U2. When I saw the headline “When […]


Not every band can ‘give it away’ like U2. When I saw the headline “When Iggy Pop can’t live off his art, what chance do the rest of us have?”, I had to see what the Head Stooge was going through. It seems that the grandfather of punk has had to take a second job as a DJ to make ends meet! It seems that the free flow of music, TV shows and movies over the internet is cutting into the bottom line of those who make a living providing us with the art that we enjoy. He’s got a great quote about the “new technology”, “The cat is out of the bag and the new electronic devices, which estrange people from their morals, also make it easier to steal music than to pay for it.” , which is, yeah, talking to you Mr. & Mrs. Burned Movie Watcher. How would you feel if after going into work all day long, producing a product and then people just walk out of the showroom with it…without paying a penny. Here’s a point to ponder, “In a society where worth is judged by price, for better or worse, what are you saying to someone when you won’t pay for the thing he’s crafted?”. Next time your buddy says he’s got that new movie burned…you wanna a copy? Think of Iggy and think how you’d feel if you had to get a second job because no one wants to pay for what you’ve just spent the last week crafting…but they still get to enjoy it.

(Photo by Kmeron via Flickr)