I'll try it!

I don’t even care if this hack works.  I might just do it the next time I fly anyway:  A new study found the secret to beating jetlag might be CHOCOLATE. 

Qantas is adding a new 20-hour long-haul flight from Sydney to New York in 2025.  So they partnered with the University of Sydney to figure out how people can avoid jetlag.

23 volunteers wore monitors during simulated flights, so researchers could see if things like lighting scenarios and different menu options helped.

They found that when people ate chocolate during their flight, they tended to sleep better on the plane, had fewer issues with jetlag after the flight, and also performed better on cognitive tests.

They think it might be because comfort foods like chocolate can make your body produce more tryptophan, the same stuff turkey is famous for.

It’s just one study, so take it with a grain of salt.  But try it on your next flight.  It could help.