Kid’s Backpacks Have 30 Times More Germs Than Your Phone!

Ew! Gross!

Here’s a fun stat for the back-to-school season:  Your kid’s backpack is covered in 31 times more germs than your disgusting cell phone.  So, maybe don’t let them toss it on the dinner table when they get home.

Clorox commissioned the study and swabbed a bunch of things in homes with school-aged kids.  Here are a few more quick stats . . .

1.  When your kids get home from school, their clothes are 28 times germier than the average toilet seat.  (Toilet seats aren’t that germy though, so don’t panic too much.)

2.  The average parent’s couch is as germy as a dog’s tennis ball.

3.  Remote controls and video game controllers are 26 times germier than the average bathroom doorknob.

4.  69% of parents are worried about their kids bringing germs home from school.

5.  54% fully expect their kids to get sick at some point this school year and make parents sick also.