Kids Want At Least 624 Hours Of Playtime This Summer

Not my kids, LOL!

Kids want to play OVER 8 HOURS every day this summer!



A new survey on polled parents and kids aged 5 to 14, and on average, kids want 8.11 hours of playtime EVERY DAY.

That’s 56.77 hours per week, and summer break is roughly 11 weeks . . . so a whopping 624.47 total hours for the whole summer.



On top of that, the average kid says a “dream summer” would also include:  FIVE pool parties in the backyard . . . THREE road trips . . .at least 10 safe “play-dates” with friends . . . three trips to amusement parks . . . and five new toys.


But even kids know that pandemic restrictions are still in place, so not EVERYTHING is possible.  And about 90% say it’ll still be a great summer, even if they don’t get to do everything on their list.