The Kool FM Match Game is in full swing as couples compete to get the most points, proving they know more about their partner than any body else to win a Couples Getaway at Casino Rama Resort.

Wondering how well you would do? Here are some Match Game questions from previous years to give you a taste.

How To Play

The first person will go through and answer all of the questions, hiding each one as they go by clicking “Hide Partner 1’s Answer”. Once you have answered each question, it’s your partner’s turn.

Your partner will go through and try to guess what you said. After they answer each question they will click “Hide Partner 2’s Answer”.

Once you have both answered all the questions questions, click “View Answers” to see just how well you really know your valentine.

Now refresh the page and switch roles. Whoever answers the most questions correctly is the winner.

Want to make it more interesting?

Get creative with a reward systems. If you need some inspiration, here are some stakes you can choose:

  • Winner gets a back massage
  • Loser has to do all the house work for a week
  • Winner gets to pick the movie and/or restuarant

The options are endless!

Once you’re finished, share your score with us on social media using #koolfmmatchgame.

Play Kool FM’s At Home Match Game

Match Game

Question 1: What is the number one TV series your partner would pick to binge watch?

Question 2: What is something your partner would insist they are better than you at doing?

Question 3: What is the number one item your partner would consider essential and hoard?

Question 4: Where is the first place your partner would pick to travel?

Question 5: Where did you go on your first date?

Question 6: What is your partner’s favourite restaurant?

Question 7: If your partner won the lottery, what is the first thing they would do?

Question 8: What one word best describes your partner first thing in the morning?

Question 9: Between you and your partner, who would is the most level headed in emergency situations?

Question 10: When did you know that your partner was “the one”?