LG Has A New TV On The Market That Will Cost You $1.7 Million!

LG unveils new 325-inch, 8K TV

Electronics manufacturer LG has unveiled a new television with 8K resolution that measures a massive 325 inches.  Good Lord!



The company sees the new direct-view LED (DVLED) screens as a luxury alternative to traditional projectors.  The TV was available for commercial buyers at first but is now available for those who can afford it for their homes.



These new, organic LEDs create color when a viewer looks directly at them without any LCD layering like most modern televisions, CNET reported.



The price tag for the gigantic screen is a whopping $1.7 million. That far outprices other high-end screens LG sells, including the $100,000 OLED TV that rolls up and down!

The giant video wall also weighs more than 2,000 pounds. With so many LEDs, you’ll want to ensure your home has powerful air conditioning. The new TV generates about 56,592 BTUs (or 16.5 kilowatts) of heat.

If 325 inches won’t fit in your house, the same line of TVs is available in a smaller, cheaper 108-inch-sized 2K display.