Life Really Does Begin In Your Forties!

Holidays, friendships, and fitness all better than in previous years!

A survey of 2,000 adults aged 40 and over found four in 10 believe they are more ‘adventurous’ in their fifth decade – trying new things like sports, activities, and hobbies.



Just under half also reported better, healthier friendships in their 40s than the ones they had in their 20s and 30s, due to having a greater understanding of others.

More than a third found themselves exercising more, to offset the natural changes that occur during the aging process.


And 35 percent of 40-somethings admit to prioritizing holidays more now, than ever before.


Just under four in 10 believe their general happiness is much higher now than at any other point in their lifetime, while one in three have seen more career success – including promotions, pay raises, and landing their dream jobs.




One hour and 41 minutes exercising

One hour and 44 minutes on hobbies

One hour and 50 minutes walking outdoors

One hour and two minutes eating in restaurants

One hour and seven minutes in the pub

One hour and 31 minutes with friends