LinkedIn Is A Good Site To Find A Date!

It’s time to ditch those dating apps and start mixing business with pleasure…

New findings from showed that LinkedIn has had an unexpected role in modern dating — and is even preferred to dating sites.

This trend contributes to 52% of all respondents aged 20 to 40, even though the site isn’t at all intended for dating.

Survey respondents shared that networking platforms and social media were the most popular methods to meet people for a date, with 52% of men, 51% of women, and 52% of gender-neutral individuals having found a date this way.

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram aren’t dating apps, so you mustn’t intentionally add someone just to flirt with them…

LinkedIn isn’t the only unusual app people are using to find a potential partner these days.

About one out of five (21%) respondents said they use non-dating apps for meeting people, such as the language-learning app Duolingo (24%) or a fitness app (33%).

Of course, dating sites remain an extremely popular way to find a date, especially since they’re free and often have people looking for the same things.