LISTEN: Dream Spring Winner Announcement

$500 to Springwater Garden Centre Awarded

We gave Kim Oxley of Barrie a call to let her know the good news that she won our ‘Dream Spring’ contest and that $500 gift card to Springwater Garden Centre!

In her entry form she said:“I moved into my first home 4 years ago and have been spending the time to complete projects inside. It’s now time to focus on the outside and create a beautiful oasis full of blooming flowers that will brighten up the yard. On hot summer days, my yard rarely gets any shade and some new trees from Springwater Garden Center would be the perfect addition to create a cool place to lounge under while I listen to Kool Fm on the radio with a drink in my hand. My summer goal is to work on creating a relaxing backyard that I can enjoy with my friends and family.” 

Take a listen to Kim’s other plans for her backyard…

Thank you so much for you entry for our ‘Dream Spring‘ contest.