Mariah Carey Dishes On Her Revealing Diagnosis

A brave thing to do during a vulnerable time

Everyone probably remembers Mariah Carey’s meltdown a few years ago… that was 2001 by the way.

She was hospitalized for “extreme exhaustion” and took a bit of a hiatus. Well now the songstress is talking about what was behind the whole thing.

Back in 2001 she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. In the article she says that she is taking medication and is in treatment and has a good support system around her.

You can read more about Mariah’s story here.

Mariah Carey Reveals That She Is Battling Bipolar Disorder After ‘The Hardest Couple Of Years’

Mariah Carey has had a lot going on in her life the past few years: She and her fiancée split up, she has a reality show, she’s executive producing another show, and of course, she’s a singer.