Meet 1 Year-Old Golfing Sensation, Declan

His swing is actually better than mine...

You’ve never seen anything quite like this, Declan Sullivan is 19 months-old and he was born to play golf.

This is a natural talent that you can’t teach, I mean he’s barely even a toddler yet. He can only speak a few words but it’s clear Golf is always on his lil’ mind.

The struggles of parenting a golf-obsessed kid 🙄

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Just don’t get in his way when it’s game time.

Declan wakes up in the morning and wants to work on his swing right away. His accuracy is incredible.

Trying to keep up with his Dad

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Keep working on your game Declan, you’ll soon be wearing a Green Jacket at The Masters.

I think we will see this smile again when he gets his first birdie!

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