Most People Now Believe You Can Fall In Love Before Meeting

This, according to Bumble

There’s no doubt that this pandemic has affected the way people think about love and relationships, and according to a new survey, 67% of people now believe it’s possible to fall in love without ever having met in real life first.


This new survey by dating app Bumble shows that an overwhelming amount of single people want to ‘seize the day’ when restrictions are eased.


Part of them ‘seizing the day’ involves getting out and finally meeting people they’ve met on their dating apps in the past year.


Nearly half believe that the connection they’ve had with people virtually will translate when they can finally meet.  


The pandemic has also normalized using apps to meet people, with many acknowledge that they are no longer embarrassed to say that they’ve met someone on a dating app.


Bumble believes people are better at communicating what they want, therefore increasing their chances of finding meaningful connections and love. 


The trend of ‘hardballing’, which is to know what you want and not mess around with anyone that doesn’t tick your boxes, is also a part of the post-pandemic dating landscape.  


One in four now feel more confident about going after what they want as soon as lockdown is lifted, and over a third feel more open and easy about expressing their feelings.