Move Over Duck Face, There’s Now A New Scrunch Face Trend

We've come a long way since the duck face...

Gen Z’s scrunch face replaces millennials’ duck face as the latest bizarre selfie trend!

Is that a sneeze coming on or are you just Gen Z?

It’s been ten years since the word “selfie” was listed as the Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year, during which millennials on social media have made iconic such facial formations as the oft-mocked duck face or throwing up an ironic peace sign.

Now, there’s a new pose en vogue, and it’s been dubbed the “scrunch face.”

This scrunch face pose has overtaken TikTok, BeReal and Instagram to become Gen Z’s newest popular pose, influencers allege.

Thanks to @Starwberrymilkmob on TikTok the new trend has more than 1.1 million views and hundreds of comments… #Scrunchface

@graceyxdorling can’t have a video without a face scrunch #fyp ♬ the way life goes – iris ⠀

Scroll through any of Gen Z’s favourite social media apps and you’re sure to come across girls scrunching their faces as they dance or guys mischievously squinting on the couch in their BeReal update.