NASA Celebrates Female Astronauts for International Women’s Day

Meet Women Who Are So Awesome, Even Gravity Can't Hold Them Down

International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate females’ who are doing great things in our communities- and, in the case of NASA, the universe!

Before getting to these inspiring women, it is important to note that despite representing the majority of University graduates, women are still underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and computer sciences. Organizations like SCWIST aim to change this by empowering young women to pursue careers in these areas.


Four Women Together in Space For the First Time! (2010)



Stephanie Wilson, An Engineer And the Second African-American Woman in Space



Tracy Caldwell Dyson, a chemist who worked as a flight engineer and performed three successful spacewalks!


Not an Astronaut, but perhaps the most impressive of all… Katherine Johnson750-e22d1cab2244850d7e09ffe80581129d

Katherine was an African-American woman who calculated trajectories for the missions that put the first Americans in space and for the moon landing. She was so good that when NASA first started using computers, they called her in to verify the numbers.

(Images courtesy of NASA)

And for good measure, here are CANADA’s female Astronauts!

Roberta Bondar: Her mission aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia launched her into the history books as Canada’s first female astronaut in January 1992.



Julie Payette: The country’s second woman in space made Canadian history during her two missions. She became the first Canadian to visit the International Space Station



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