New AI Site Can Find Every Photo Of You Online

It’s a stalker’s dream!

A facial recognition website that uses a specialized bot to locate every single picture of a person that’s ever been shared online is rearing its ugly head. 

It’s been deemed a “stalker’s dream,” and it’s called PimEyes!

On its homepage, users are prompted to upload their photos to find out where their image has been published. 

But the facial recognition service isn’t free — nor is it cheap. 

Folks wanting to find their likeness are given the option to select one of three monthly or annual payment plans, each offering a variety of perks. Monthly packages range in price from $30 to $300. For yearly billing, clients are asked to pay between $300 to $3,000. 

This site could backfire, as one digital detractor Tweeted…

“Someone could just take a picture of you on the street, upload it to PimEyes and see your whole life in pictures. RIP privacy,” another cynic wrote, in part.

It would be cool to check out what images of you are circulating online…(maybe not, LOL)