New Emojis Coming To Your Phone’s Messaging Apps

Includes a 'troll' and 'melting face’

You might see more faces in your text messaging apps on your phone by the end of the year and through 2022.

Today, Unicode released the latest round of emojis. These have been in the planning for the last two months. However, there was a delay due to the pandemic.



The update will add 838 characters to the text standard. Of those 838 characters, 37 represent new emojis. You will be able to text a ‘Melting Face,’ a ‘Lotus,’ a ‘Troll,’ a ‘Mirror Ball,’ and a ‘Nest With Eggs.’ K-Pop fans can now do the “finger heart” with the hand that has the index finger and thumb crossed.



So, continue to keep updating your phones when prompted. You may just be one of the first to have the ability to text new fun expressions.