New Study Finds That Women Suffer From ‘Zoom fatigue’ More Than Men!

It's exhausting

Virtual meetings have taken their toll on people during the pandemic, but new research shows that not all groups are affected equally.


A study conducted by researchers at Stanford found that women report feeling more tired after video calls — a state referred to as “Zoom fatigue” than men.


According to the study 1 in 7 women reported feeling “very” or “extremely” fatigued after Zoom calls.  In men, it was about 1 in 20 men.


The feeling of burnout is a result of “self-focused attention” brought on by many video calls’ self-view feature. 


“Self-focused attention refers to a heightened awareness of how one comes across or how one appears in a conversation.”


Another reason for zoom fatigue among women was that women felt more trapped by video calls, feeling the need to stay centre in front of the camera. 


The study also found that women tend to have longer video meetings than men, despite having the same number of them throughout the day. Women were also found less likely to take breaks in between meetings than men.