Not All Parents Follow Their Mom and Dad’s advice About Parenting, according to a new survey!

Just 59% of parents follow their mom and dad’s advice about parenting…

A survey of 4,000 American and Canadian parents and grandparents of kids 0-7 found that this is because some parents find their parents’ advice to sometimes be dated (34%) and they also have different ideas about how to raise their child (41%).

Seven in 10 admit that today, they have different ideas about raising their child than their parents have (71%).

Still, the average parent calls their parent twice a week for guidance, and one in eight calls them most days of the week.

The survey found that most parents of young kids shared that their parents’ words are valuable, with 83% saying they’ve learned a lot about raising kids from them.

And 73% of parents believe they operate at a happy medium, following their parents’ advice while also raising their children the way they want to.

No matter their differences, many parents appreciate all they’ve learned from their parents and are carrying over routines from their childhood like family dinners (52%), reading their child a story before bed (41%) and certain bath time activities they used to do (32%).

Parents also wish their child’s grandparents were more involved in different steps like their education (29%), babysitting (29%) and playtime (29%).

Although the average grandparent spends two days a week with their grandchild, 83% of those who don’t see them every day want to visit them more often.

Overall, 69% of all respondents agree there’s no one right way to raise kids.