We Will Spend the Equivalent Of One Year Of Our Adult Life Stuck In Traffic

Make that two years if you commute to cottage country in the summer!

A poll of 2,000 adults revealed road users end up stuck in congestion during a fifth of their journeys, for an average of nearly three hours a week.


With that said, 56% who live in an urban centre will avoid driving altogether.


Leaving earlier than needed, planning a specific route and making plans at ‘off peak’ times are the top ways road users try to avoid the dreaded congestion.


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While those who leave early will set off an average of 26 minutes in advance to miss the traffic. Despite this, 36 percent have been late for work because of traffic, while 23 percent have been delayed for a social event.


And 34 per cent even get envious when bikes or scooters whizz by when they are bumper to bumper.