Ontario Spending $2.5M For Bracelets That Vibrate Or Beep If People Get too Close To Each Other!

Device will stand-in for the COVID Alert app in workplaces where people have limited smartphone use.

In a press release Thursday, the government said it’s investing in Technology company FaceDrive Inc.  The company has been hired to develop a wearable tracing technology for people who work or spend time in facilities where smartphone use is limited.

The bracelet, called TraceSCAN, will be a stand-in for the COVID Alert app. If someone is working somewhere that smartphones use is limited, it means their COVID Alert app won’t be effective in detecting close-contact to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.  The bracelet, like the app, will be able to track exposure with out GPS information.

The $2.5 million investment, from the Ontario Together Fund, will help Facedrive Inc. manufacture about 150,000 devices and create 68 new jobs in the province.

TraceScan will also beep or vibrate if the wearer gets closer than 2m  to someone else wearing the device.