Over 50% of People Trust Google More Than What They Learned In School

Yes, I'm glad I learned all about parallelograms. It's a big help at tax season!

A survey asked respondents how much practical information they learned in school and found that adults feel like they only use half of the information they were taught in their adult lives…

This may also be why 55% admit that they rely on Google more than their formal education, with the average adult searching five basic questions each day.

The survey found that almost one-third of adults learned “nothing at all” about personal finances during their formal education.

Results showed that respondents knew more about information that is rarely used in daily life, like the definitions of equilateral, scalene and isosceles triangles, than they did about crucial financial information…

And while more than half of millennials and Gen Z were able to identify a parallelogram- only a quarter could define “taxable income.”

Results also found that while 63% of all respondents consider themselves smarter than the average middle schooler, 16% of both baby boomers and Gen X don’t feel like they are.

The topic that they’d like to learn about most is managing their finances, followed by how to do their taxes, home buying and mortgages.

Others would like to learn how to write a cover letter or resume, how to change the oil in their car or even how to cook.

Adults also believe that those same topics should be taught in high school, along with workplace etiquette, how to clean or do laundry as well as relationship guidance.