Page’s 5: Things That Are Awesome About Snow

It's Not ALL Bad

Automatic Drink Cooler- Having a party and not enough space in the fridge? No worries! Put those drinks in the snowbank on your back deck for an instant (and unlimited sized) cooler.

Build A Snowman/Snow Fort- Once you’ve mastered the art of the common snowman, work your way up to epic snow forts, in which you can have wicked snowball fights!

Snow Art- Put food colouring and a little water in a spray bottle, and have at it!

Snow Cones- Scoop CLEAN and WHITE snow into a glass and add your favourite flavouring. If you don’t have any flavour bottles, make your own with Kool-Aid and sugar in warm water until it dissolves.

Tobogganing Fresh powder on the slopes always makes for a better ride!

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