Page’s 5: Tips I’ve Learned From Packing For My Move

Learned These The Hard Way, For YOUR Benefit

David and I FINALLY bought our first home! And with moving day quickly approaching, we’ve been sorting and packing our things like crazy lately, and we’ve already hit a few snags along the way.

I thought it would be a good idea to keep ALL of my stuffed animals from when I was growing up. But I have no use for them or place to store them. So I kept a few that have sentimental value, and that I would one day like to pass along to my kids, and the rest were donated. 

LESSON LEARNED: Purge purge purge! Actually look through your things and ask yourself questions like; “do I really need this?”, “when was the last time I used this?”, “does this have sentimental value?” etc. If the answer to any or all of those questions is “no”, then get rid of it. If it’s still in good shape, consider donating it, or hold a garage sale and make some extra cash. (Which will definitely come in handy during a move!)

Tried to look for some party supplies for David’s birthday that had already been packed away, and it took me forever to find it in my mountain of boxes.

LESSON LEARNED: Label REALLY well. Not only which room the box goes to, whether it’s fragile or not, but also what’s IN the box. You can even number your boxes and have a corresponding sheet that has the box number and exactly what is in that box on it. Definitely makes life easier when you’re looking for a specific thing that’s packed away.

While moving packed boxes around, one full box’s bottom gave out and everything came crashing onto the floor. (Luckily nothing was broken!)

LESSON LEARNED: Get good quality boxes. Self explanatory, but be REALLY sure they are sturdy and strong enough to carry all your things. Maybe even consider re-taping and double taping the seams.

It took me forever to clear out my closet and dresser and fold up and pack away all my clothes in heavy suitcases. Then when it came to David’s closet, he suggested this easy idea…

LESSON LEARNED: Keep your clothes on the hangers. Genius! Instead of having to fold and pack up all your clothes from the closet, keep them on the hangers and just put a plastic bag over top of them. So much easier to unpack that way too. Just put them in the new closet, take the bag off and you’re unpacked!

I had lists written on the backs of napkins, note pads, scraps of paper, in my head, it was too much! I finally combined them all onto just one note pad that I always have with me now. So whenever I think of something, I write it down. 

Lists. They are your best friend. While packing, have a list going of things you still need to do/pack, a list of what you need to still buy for your new place, and your list of all your numbered boxes and what is in each box.

Cheers to a smooth move!

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