Parents Are Feeling Unprepared For A More Normal School Year After Kids Home Schooled For Almost A Year

Parents are more anxious than usual about back-to-school

A new survey found that over half of parents asked -don’t feel prepared for the upcoming school year.


Education Minister Stephen Lecce revealed that, in addition to full-time, in-class learning in September, students should be able to participate in modified activities as long as the pandemic continues to be under control in the community. This is fantastic news!


BUT…7 in ten parents admit that they are overwhelmed by routine changes of the past year, and one in three have become comfortable with the at-home routine.


More than that, 27% said they’ve forgotten what their kids’ normal school morning routine feels like.


With worries about their child getting COVID-19 top of mind for one in four parents, there’s more stress than ever around the commute to school.


More than a quarter of parents are uncomfortable letting their kids ride the bus, so much so that seven in 10 plan to wake up almost half an hour earlier just to drive or walk their kids to school.


It’s no surprise, then, that 57% of parents find the mental load of parenting overwhelming.


On the upside, kids have become more self-sufficient in the past year! 




  1. Dresses themselves                                                                59%
  2. Cleans up after themselves                                                  58%
  3. Does homework without parental help                             49%
  4. Goes to sleep on time without being reminded               47%
  5. Cooks for themselves / the family                                      30%
  6. Goes to buy groceries / other necessities on their own  24%