Parents Have Taken On 21 Different Roles A Day During Lockdown

It's no wonder, we so exhausted

New roles that parents have had to take on include, TikToker, grammar expert, and hairdresser!

Parents had 14 different jobs before the pandemic and they have 21 now! Being a teacher is the top role parents had to take on when schools were closed.


Pre- pandemic, parents’ to-do lists took up 16 hours and 30 minutes of their week, but in lockdown, it’s 27 hours weekly.


The study found almost two thirds (64 percent) of parents have been an entertainer in a bid to keep kids amused during the long lockdown months.




1. Teacher

2. Cleaner

3. Chef

4. Launderer

5. Storyteller

6. First-aider

7. Friend

8. Baker

9. Entertainer

10. Doctor