Pet Owners Spend More Than 800 Hours A Year Cleaning Up After Their Fur Babies

It’s National Pet Day on April 11th!

A new study finds that pet owners are spending a lot of time cleaning their homes — 832 hours in a single year to be exact.



Details from the survey reveal, three in four say that getting a pet has prompted them to constantly clean their home more than ever before.

Knowing most pets love to be outside, 64% of pet owners say they ALWAYS clean their fur babies when they enter the home out of fear of muddy paws or tracking in dirt.



People are aware of how dirty their pets can get and as a result, 75% have put shoes on their paws.

Despite this increase in cleaning frequency, all of the cleaning up after their pets can be exhausting. 



In reality, 63% of those polled admit they withhold their pets’ outside time because they don’t feel like cleaning up after them once they come inside.