Robert Downey Jr. really is Tony Stark! Lenny Kravitz introduces us to a new band mate!

by Charlie V | Aug 05, 2015 Chris Hyndman, one half of CBC-TV’s lifestyle series […]

by Charlie V | Aug 05, 2015
Chris Hyndman, one half of CBC-TV’s lifestyle series “Steven and Chris” was found dead in an alleyway in Toronto on Monday night. Police refused to confirm the report, citing privacy concerns and the lack of an ongoing criminal investigation…Fellow design couple Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan took to Facebook to express their sorrow.Rick Mercer of “Rick Mercer Report” remembered Hyndman as “a great Newfoundland” character.

Kermit the Frog announced today that he & Miss Piggy have broken up! They’ll continue to work together on the new Muppet show coming out this fall & he’s even found himself a new girlfriend (a pig- what?! Can’t a frog have a type?) whose name is Denise. So the Original Muppet Show aired from 1976 to 1981; since than we’ve enjoyed several muppet movies and specials and Mocumentories…The Muppets are returning to primetime TV this fall. The show actually will debut in Canada before it debuts in the United States. City has the world premiere on Sept. 21. Then the next night, Sept. 22, the show makes its debut on channel-of-origin ABC.

Ironman… aka Robert Downey Jr is the WORLD’s highest paid actor for the THIRD year in a row, according to Forbes. $80 million dollars..Running up is Jackie Chan earned $50 million. In 3rd place Vin Diesel with $47 million… Bradley Cooper, Adam Sandler and Tom Cruise are the next 3 on the list….

Zayn quit One Direction last March and now he quits his engagement! He’s getting ready to launch a solo career and has been seen around LA celebrating with friends!

Kelly Osbourne is apologizing for condescending remarks she made on live U.S. TV on Tuesday after condemning Donald Trump’s statements about Mexican immigrants in America, while suggesting there will be no one to clean his toilets if he booted them all out of the country.

A new member of Lenny Kravitz’s band made a surprise onstage appearance in Sweden Monday.

Lenny was rocking out on stage at a theme park in Stockholm during the first song of his set when he bent down and the crotch of his leather pants ripped, exposing ALL of his manhood.