Six In 10 Women Say They Are Only Happy If They Return From A Vacation With This!

It’s all about the Tan!

For those people who live in a four-season climate, the lengths we go to return from a trip with a bronzed glow are incredible!



While sitting on a tropical beach still seems so far away, when we did or get to again, one in five will sit or lie in an ‘uncomfortable’ position to make sure they tan evenly, while a sixth have even skipped a day trip or activity during a holiday in favour of lounging in the sun instead.



And one in 10 are so dedicated to getting a golden glow that they would be prepared to spend at least five hours a day sunbathing on a two-week holiday.



The study also revealed the most important areas for women to tan are their legs (47 percent), followed by arms (39 percent), and then their face (36 percent).

But 42 percent said having a tan has a positive effect on their self-confidence, and just under half feel their best when they have a tan.



And with foreign travel looking ambiguous for the second year running due to lockdown restrictions, of the 36 percent who don’t think they’ll be heading on holiday this year, one in five will be looking to other methods to get their glow.