Surprise! You’re Caught On Camera A Lot! Over 200 Times Each Week!

Get ready to think back on all those times you picked your nose and thought no one was watching

A new study found there are so many security cameras now, the average American is caught on camera 238 times a week.  That’s 34 times each day.  And if you travel a lot, or work certain jobs, it’s over a THOUSAND times a week.


Here’s how they broke it down . . .


1.  You’re more likely to be caught by a security camera while driving than at any other time.  160 times a week on average.

2.  The average employee is on camera 8 times a day or 40 times a week.  But it’s a lot higher if you work in retail.


3.  You’re caught on camera 24 times a week while shopping.

4.  Doorbell and security cameras in your own neighborhood catch you 14 times a week, or twice a day.


5.  By next year, there will be around a BILLION live security cameras worldwide.  Including up to 180 million in the U.S.