Taking the heat off 911

Try 211 instead

Let’s see…911 is for emergencies, 411 is for directory assistance and 511 is for traffic. Then there’s 211 – for those non-emergency calls that people have been making to 911. Staffed 24-7, the 211 call takers can help with things like finding food banks and shelters, Meals on Wheels, parenting programs, even noise complaints. “211 is an easy to remember phone number, like 911. 211 is answered by trained specialists who know our community services and can refer callers to support near them,” said ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Constable Jim Edwards, Orillia OPP. “211 has information not only on municipal social services but all our community, social, health and government programs.”Today is 211 day across North America.