The 2022 Christmas List According To Kids

Children’s top Christmas list requests this year include clothes, money and books.

A study of 1,000 children and their parents found 65 percent of kids would be happy with money instead of physical presents as gifts – including digital currency or gift cards that they can spend how they want.

It also emerged 32 percent of parents plan to give their child money this year, though only 49 percent of these will opt for physical cash.

The study also found a traditional 40 percent of parents prefer to give physical gifts to their kids at Christmas.

Of these, 56 percent think tangible gifts their kids can hold in their hands feel more special, and 29 percent believe their children understand the value of physical gifts more.

The 2022 Christmas list – according to kids

  1. Clothing, shoes or accessories
  2. Money (either as cash, cheque, bank transfer etc.)
  3. Books
  4. A games console
  5. Toys
  6. Tech items (iPad, Fitbit, Apple watch, laptop etc.)
  7. Arts and crafts equipment
  8. Smartphone
  9. Sleepwear
  10. Lego or other creative building toys
  11. Gaming currencies
  12. A gift card
  13. Cuddly toys
  14. Board or card games
  15. Make-up/ beauty products
  16. Fitness/ sporting equipment or kit
  17. Bicycle, scooter or skateboard
  18. Costumes/dressing up stuff
  19. Subscriptions (Spotify, Netflix etc.)
  20. Baking toys/equipment