The Average Child Will Have 104 Boo Boos Each Year!

Bruises by your brother didn't make the list?

A study of 2,000 parents found youngsters aged two to 14 experience things like bruises, split lips and scratches a couple of times a week.


Tripping is the most common way a kid will hurt themselves, as well as falling off playground equipment and falling downstairs. As a result, parents are using on average 99 bandaids a year, with some ids using upwards of 125 bandaids a year!


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It also emerged children have the most accidents between the ages of three and five years old. The study found most accidents take place mostly at home followed by school and in the playground.


Other locations where little ones are likely to take a tumble include the park, on holiday and in the swimming pool.


Parents also take care of their kids by giving them a hug, medicine or kissing the injury to make it better. Nearly two-fifths will go as far as to buy them their favourite sweets, read them a book and buy them ice cream.



1.            Grazed knee

2.            Bruised knee

3.            Bump to the head

4.            Cut to the finger

5.            Grazed arm

6.            Bruised arm

7.            Cut to the lip

8.            Scratches

9.            Getting stung

10.          Sprained ankle