The Frozen Pants Challenge Has Just Been Upgraded

It's the most Canadian challenge of all time

It was this time last winter when parts of Canada suffered through a deep freeze. No, it wasn’t Elsa’s fault, we can’t always blame her. Besides, Frozen 2 hadn’t been released yet.

The #FrozenPantsChallenge became was trending on social media in January of 2019.

Take your pants, (jeans work best) straight from the washing machine, dripping wet. Bring them outside to freeze almost instantly.


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#usps powerhouse. Gus thinks that bag is full of dog treats. #frozenpants

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The frozen pants basically become hard as a sheet of plywood. Allowing you to stand them straight up.

It was a hit with the entire family. Plus, it spiced up a laundry day a little more than usual.

Parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia are currently blaming Elsa. It was -34 (with out windchill) Tuesday in Edmonton.

The Weather Network is attempting to put a different spin on #TheFrozenPantsChallenge by creating, the #FrozenJeansFrisbeeChallenge.

This has to be the most Canadian challenge social media has ever seen. The only way it could become more Canadian is if you somehow managed to play hockey with them.

It even got Jimmy Fallon’s attention yesterday.

(Fast-forward to the 5:40 mark of the video)