The Highest Paid Artists Of 2020 According To Billboard

It's been an interesting 18-months in music!

The global pandemic rocked the music world like never before. Tours came to a halt but that didn’t stop artists from putting out great music-some releasing multiple albums.


The results surely shuffled the incomes of many musicians and their crews as they navigated an obstacle they’d never experienced before.


As a result of the shake-up, the highest-paid musicians of the year may not be who you expected (minus Taylor Swift, who continues to hold the #1 spot).


With many Country and Rock artists plummeting in the ranks due to lack of touring, many Hip Hop artists sky-rocketed as a result of a streaming-focused year.


Here’s the top 10


10 Lil Baby: $11.7 million

9 NBA YoungBoy: $11.9 million

8 The Beatles: $12.9 million

7 Queen: $13.2 million

6 Drake: $14.2 million

5 Billie Eilish: $14.7 million

4 Eagles: $16.3 million

3 Céline Dion: $17.5 million

2 Post Malone: $23.2 million

1 Taylor Swift: $23.8 million