The average person spent $150 during Prime Days!

Amazon Prime Day has come and gone.  Did you get anything you’re excited about?  Here’s what everyone else bought.  

A website called Numerator followed the top Prime Day purchases by tracking tens of thousands of customers, and over 100,000 orders.

Here are a few stats on what we bought, and how much we spent . . .

1.  The hottest item this year was Temptations Cat Treats.  (???)  That’s based on the number of units purchased.

The rest of the top five were Amazon Fire sticks, Liquid I.V. hydration packets, toys from the company Melissa & Doug, and beauty products by the brand Laneige.  

2.  The top product categories were home goods, household essentials, clothes, electronics, and cosmetics.

3.  The average product cost around $30.  Only 5% cost more than $100.

4.  Roughly 60% of people who made a purchase bought more than one thing.  14% bought five items or more.

5.  44% spent at least $100 total.  The average total spend was about $150.

6.  Around 80% of all Prime Day shoppers were women.  So men aren’t as into it.  Also, the older you are, the more likely you were to shop.  24% of Prime Day shoppers were seniors.  That’s higher than any other age group.

7.  Two-thirds of shoppers say they were very satisfied with the deals this year.  But over half still compared prices with other sites before they checked out.