The Majority Of People Are Neglecting Physical Health Due To Work

A new study has found that almost six in 10 people are ignoring physical health due to work life.

Nine in 10 check emails outside of working hours every day!  I think many of us are guilty of this!  Stress from the pandemic has without a doubt caused people to stop looking after themselves.


A study by AVIVA of workers in the UK tracked employees’ experiences from before the first lockdown to now, using regular surveys, and found that 58% reported neglecting their physical health due to being too busy at work. This has also led to a lack of life satisfaction over the past year, from 67% in February 2020 to 57% in March of 2021. Anxiety levels are up too with almost 30% of people saying they feel anxious day-to-day.

One of the study’s authors says, ‘elements of our lives which were previously certain are overlapping and changing beyond recognition.’


How to Stop Sacrificing Your Health For Your Work!

  • Make a commitment to leave work on time most days, even if work is from home.  Set a time, and stop.
  • Book in some wellness-focused time.  Try to find at least 20 minutes for a fitness routine or meditation.
  • Prioritize Sleep! Plenty of sleep throughout the week will help reduce sleep so you can feel rested and less tired.
  • Turn off Notifications
  • Find A Hobby