The Must-Have Songs For Your Summer Road Trip

What's on your road trip playlist?

The most popular songs to put on an ultimate road trip playlist include…

A survey on found that most people believe playlists to be the make-or-break to a successful trip.


Here are the ten most popular songs for road trip playlists . . .


1.  “Sweet Home Alabama”,  Lynyrd Skynyrd.


2.  “Hotel California”,  The Eagles.

3.  “Life is a Highway”,  Tom Cochrane.

4.  “Take Me Home, Country Roads”,  John Denver.

5.  “On the Road Again,  Willie Nelson.

6.  “Old Town Road”,  Lil Nas X.

7.  “Shut Up and Drive”,  Rihanna.

8.  “Highway to Hell”,  AC/DC.

9.  “Hit the Road Jack”,  Ray Charles.

10.  “Here I Go Again”,  White Snake.