The Seven Types of Ex

How many do you have on the list?

Breaks-ups can be hard! But they can also make you laugh, while others make you cringe.

You live and learn from these relationships that weren’t meant to be!

According to a relationship expert, seven types of ex exist. 

Here they are:

The First Love:
Ah, the unforgettable first love. 

The Work Mistake:
You’re working late, it just happened!

The Friend with Benefits:
”We’re just pals!” you insist over and over, until that one night when you drunkenly end up in bed together.’

The Missed Chance:
Also known, as Katy Perry puts it, as the one that got away. This ex may be the most infuriating of them all, because they’re not an ex, even though they feel like one.

The Serious One:
This is the one that gave you all the feels, including heartbreak!

The Overlap:
Cheating happens…Most overlaps don’t last long, but will remain seared into that corner of your brain that pulses with regret.’

The Bastard:
The bastard ex comes in many forms but they always destroy your self-esteem, like the narcissist you armchair diagnose them to be.