The Sticky Situation Legalized Cannabis has put Realtors in

Free Seminar on how the new cannabis laws affects your new home purchase

Would you be OK with buying a home if you knew someone grew four pot plants inside? Federal legalization legislation says individuals can grow up to four plants in their home. How confident would you be that the previous owner complied with Ontario fire code, paid for professional plumbing, building or electrical? How would you know? Well, you may not.

That’s why the Ontario Real Estate Association are lobbying the Province for more regulations. OREA are worried that even more sellers will try to hide or mask the fact the property was used to grow marijuana. They want rules in place to make sure those homes are properly remediated.

The Legal Sticky-icky

Former Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak is now the CEO for the Ontario Real Estate Association. Hudak says Ontario Realtors are disappointed the federal government rejected the Senate recommendation that would have allowed provinces to ban home growth of cannabis. In a statement, Hudak said “despite the federal government’s move to legalize cannabis, OREA Realtors are concerned that illegal large scale cannabis grow operations in residential properties will continue to be a problem in Ontario neighbourhoods. Hudak says OREA will continue to work with Premier Doug Ford “to address Realtor concerns and ensure we protect Ontario homes and families.”

Free Q and A in Wasaga Beach

July 11th, The RecPlex Oakview Room from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

How will the new cannabis laws affect your new home purchase or investment property? What does a grow-op look like? Have the rules changed regarding disclosure of grow-op? Can your current and future tenants grow cannabis? How can you protect yourself and your investment? Those questions will be answered Wednesday night in Wasaga Beach at a free seminar with local Realtor William Caldwell, Larissa Smit, Manager of Policy for RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario), Dale Brown from Homeworks Home Inspection in Angus. Bjorn Dawson is Co-Founder and CEO of Grobo and loT Company that designs smart growing systems.

9 Signs You Bought a Former Grow-Op

  1. Chunks of brickwork on the exterior that have been replaced.
  2. Foundations and concrete walls cored or breached to get wiring around the hydro meter.
  3. Modified ductwork that doesn’t seem to make sense. Circular holes in floor joists or roof trusses from venting (look for holes that have been patched).
  4. Brown Stains in soffits, created by external venting, or brand-new soffits.
  5. Stains on basement floors caused by containers that set unmoved for long periods of time, or stains in laundry tubs.
  6. Modified wiring and electrical panel.
  7. Sometimes, live wires can still be in the insulation.
  8. New plumbing for water supply and drains.
  9. Warped/rotted wooden structures due to excessive moisture.