Fans Are Getting The Stranger Things Tattoo In Real Life, But It Looks Very Wrong

Trigger warning: discussions of the Holocaust.

One detail from Stranger Things Season 4 is going VIRAL for the wrong reasons since dropping on Netflix earlier this month.

Eleven’s number tattoo via Netflix

Eleven, played by Millie Bobbie Brown, has a tattoo of “011” on her wrist. Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) gave the brand to her, which he tattoos on all the child experiments at Hawkins National Library.

Dr. Brenner is dehumanizing the kids by stripping them of their identities and simply assigning them by their patient numbers.

Unfortunately, fans have decided to show their love to the show by getting similar tattoos on their wrists.

Take a second. Think about why that sounds… unfortunately familiar.

The experiment tattoos are reminiscent of tattoos that were forced on prisoners at concentration camps during the Holocaust.

The official Stranger Things Instagram account reposted the fan tattoos of the numbers not realizing the problem with it, saying they look “Bitchin’, right?”.

One Twitter user, Emily (@sapphicsvoid) made a thread explaining WHY this is a terrible idea:

Stranger Things has made connections to the Nazis before. For Season 4, the Russian prison scenes were filmed at a former Nazi prison in Lithuania. The prison has been converted into an AirBNB that is Stranger Things themed.

Although a discourse has occurred from Emily’s Twitter thread of if the tattoos are close enough, it’s ultimately up to fans to AVOID getting the ink.